World War 2 - Play in a Day

"Having ‘A Play in a Day’ helped Y6 to learn by having fun and learning it very quickly. Lisa, who taught us the script, helped every pupil the best she could. She was the best teacher who can teach us that quickly! Lisa helped us make our voices louder, clearer and have lots of

Enthusiasm. If we got stuck on anything she would help us. If you couldn’t remember she would let you make up your own words (to improvise) as long as it made sense!"

Millie Walker

"I think ‘Play in a Day’ was a good experience for everyone. Lisa came in and taught us some good information. Lisa told us some facts that I hadn’t heard before and this made it fun.

If we got stuck Lisa would help us to get it right. At the end of the day, parents and carers came in to watch our play. Other classes in school also came to watch. It was called ‘Put that light out’."

Lisa Pace

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