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Enhanced Mainstream Provision

Welcome to our Enhanced Mainstream Provision webpage. Here you can find out a wealth of information about our Enhanced Mainstream Provision for Speech, Language and Communication.

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Wheatley Hill Primary - Enhanced mainstream Provision

Welcome to Wheatley hill Primary School and we are delighted that you would like to find out about our school, and more specifically about our EMP (Enhanced Mainstream Provision) for Speech, Language and Communication.

We understand that it is difficult to decide whether to move your child from their local area to access more specialist provision. Therefore, we have produced this guide to answer some of the questions which you may have as a parent looking to join our school. We hope you find this guide useful; should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us – our details are included at the end of the guide.


What is an Enhanced Mainstream Provision?

An Enhanced Mainstream Provision is just that – a mainstream school with enhanced resources and staffing. Our school has been allocated additional funds and expertise in order to meet the needs of some pupils with requirements that can be met in a mainstream school environment, with additional support. EMP schools are not ‘special’ schools and pupils entering the school through the EMP route are simply added to the school roll, the same as any other child at the school.

How to join our Enhanced Mainstream Provision

Each EMP across County Durham has its own specialism, with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) being ours here at Wheatley Hill Primary. In order for this setting to be recommended for your child, Speech, Language or Communication Needs must be the identified primary need. The decision to offer a child a place at an EMP is not taken lightly. A panel of specialists in the field of SLCN allocate places in conjunction with the Local Authority, and only after your child has met with one of the Inclusion Specialists at Wheatley Hill Primary to ensure that we are confident that we can meet their needs. Your child may already attend another school, or an Early Years setting. The current provision will provide evidence to the panel, along with parental, Educational Psychology and Speech Therapy views in order for the panel to form a well-founded decision.

How are children taught in the Enhanced Provision at Wheatley Hill?

Speech, Language and Communication is at the heart of our entire school. We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all of our children, and work hard to ensure that the needs of pupils with SLCN are met across the day.

What additional Support do children receive?

Children who join the EMP at Wheatley Hill Primary will find that the school works incredibly hard to meet the varying needs of all children in our school. Our school has significant support systems to enable children attached to the EMP to settle quickly, make friends and work towards good outcomes. Some of the additional support offered at Wheatley Hill EMP includes:

  • Access to a Speech and Language Therapist.

  • Access to a Speech and Language Assistant.

  • Access to a wide range of intervention systems including Talk Boost, Listening Matters.

  • Support for children and families by our School Inclusion Manager.

  • Pastoral Support Worker to support children & families.

  • School Councillor Service.

  • Teaching Assistants /HLTA staff in all classrooms.

  • Quiet indoor break time and lunchtime provisions.

All Inclusive

At Wheatley Hill Primary, the children attached to our EMP are fully integrated into the classrooms and dedicated support is available in the classrooms to support the children to access the mainstream curriculum. Children will always be placed with their peers in the relevant year group and the additional support allocated will be available within the classroom. When children access specialist support, additional work spaces and rooms are available throughout school where targeted interventions and support sessions can take place. All children in our school whether in the mainstream or attached to the EMP will receive:

  • A quality school curriculum, which includes a wide range of learning opportunities.

  • Access to quality first teaching focusing on ensuring pupil progress and outcomes.

  • Access to Outdoor education, forest school, beach school and adventure PE.

  • Opportunities to use our school woodworking provision.

  • Opportunities to attend our residential visits to the Lake District and France.

See our school "Adventures" picture gallery to see what we get up to!


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.

How would my child get to Wheatley Hill Primary School?

Generally, our children arrive to school by taxi if they do not live within walking distance of our school. The taxis are provided by the Local Authority and are free to parents. In most instances, children from our EMP travel in groups together. If your child were to be offered a place, the transport team will contact you to arrange travel. For reference, their contact number is detailed in ‘useful contacts’ should you have any questions. All taxis have a chaperone to ensure your child is safe and happy throughout their journey and passed to a member of Wheatley Hill Primary staff upon arrival.

How do we assess children at Wheatley Hill Primary School?

In order for your child’s successes and needs to be accurately identified, we carefully assess your child using a range of assessments. When your child enters our school, their current attainment is assessed to give us a ‘baseline’ from where your child will progress. We always communicate the outcome of these assessments using the  written reports, annual review process, or through parents’ evenings.


Some of the assessment methods are:

  • Speech Therapy Assessments – which may focus on sound production, language understanding, or other relevant assessments to your child’s needs.

  • Education Psychology Assessments – which may include memory, understanding, reasoning, logic, and general skills assessments.

Ongoing academic school assessment.

These assessments are comprehensive in all aspects of school life, with some additions for children attending our EMP. These include:

  • Reading, writing, maths assessments.

  • Phonic and spelling assessments.

  • Social and Emotional assessments.

  • Additional assessments relevant to your child’s needs.


Your child’s school achievements may be assessed against the levels expected for children who are working on the National Curriculum (i.e. the same as the majority of other children in their year group), or they may be assessed against other measures for children who are not ready to work on National Curriculum Levels (i.e. the steps before the National Curriculum). Aspirational targets are set for all children within our school, whether they are part of our EMP classes, or year group classes… we expect all children to achieve their potential!

Would my child take statutory tests like SATS?

If your child is able to access the Year 1 Phonic Screen, Year 2 SATs, or Year 6 SATs, they will be supported appropriately to access these. However, if your child is not able to access these assessments, they will not be expected to complete them, and their achievements and progress are measured using school data and other appropriate methods.

How do you involve parents?

We very much value the contribution that parents can make to their child’s education. In order for parents to be fully involved in the life of the school, when they generally do not drop off or pick up their child from school, both school and home must work hard at this important aspect of school life. You are always welcome to call in to see how your child is getting on, simply contact school prior to arrange an appointment. However, we do also arrange many opportunities for you to get involved with school life at Wheatley Hill Primary.

Some recent events have been:

  • Forest School Days for our youngest children and their parents. 

  • Family South Shields Trip

  • Family Online Safety Workshops

  • Harvest Festival

  • Informal Parent's Evening


We also expect parents to attend a child centred ‘Annual Review’ for all pupils in the EMP, to enable all of the staff who work with yourselves to discuss the placement each year. There are also  Parents’ Evenings each year – and an opportunity for you to meet the teachers in the following year at the end of the Summer Term. We also operate a detailed home-school diary, for school and family to communicate with each other when needed. 

How long would my child attend Wheatley Hill Primary?

This very much depends on the needs of your child. Some children attend our school, make fabulous progress and as such no longer require the enhanced provision. The ‘exit route’ will be discussed at annual reviews and will never be ‘sprung’ on families. Transition to and from our school is vital to ensure that children are confident and ready for their next setting – as such this is carefully planned with you as parents and well in advance. Equally, some children remain with us throughout their primary years. The exit destinations for these children are very diverse, with some children moving to a secondary school close to home, one of our secondary EMP settings, or more specialist provisions. Again, this decision will be yours, as a family, and the options will often be discussed at the Year 5 Annual Review to enable us and you to prepare your child most effectively for the transition.

Winter Term 2019

In Base 1 and 2 we are working hard on English & Math most mornings. English is linked to seasonal stories and math is all place value and linking more, less and equal to <  > =.

Afternoons are spent on skill work and usually runs as the following:

Monday - Art and Design

Tuesday - Cooking

Wednesday - Tool work

Thursdays we are out and about in the community testing our emotional skills.

Wednesday afternoon and Friday mornings we will be swimming and exorcising in water to help keep our fitness on track.


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