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Year Six

Welcome to our Year Six class webpage. Here you can discover what exciting things we do in our class and how we learn creatively. 

'Right to an education that helps develop talents and abilities.' Article 29                                                                                 

Mrs L Devine
Mrs N Booth

Key Information & Reminders

Reading books are checked daily with an expectation of reading every day or at least 3 times a week. The reading communication book needs to be signed by an adult as proof reading has been completed.

We complete our spellings on a Monday- we are tested on the spellings we looked at the past week and also given new ones to learn over the week. Also on a Monday we have music after school club as well as first aid club until 4pm.

We now have PE every Monday 1pm -2 pm, therefore children need their PE kits in school on this day.

Wednesday is SATS Revision Club

On a Thursday afternoon, we have swimming so we need to make sure we have our kits in school.

Friday is our class day to use the library.

We Are Reading:


Additional Information

SATS will soon be here. We will be taking our special trip down the gym in the week beginning Monday 14th May 2018. Please do not book any holidays in this time and try to avoid booking any holidays before SATs. Also it is very important that your child attends school every day so they do not miss out on any important work (or fun) on the lead up to SATs. We will be having a ‘Mock SATs’ week in March to help us feel prepared and confident for the real SATs.


Please also encourage your child to work hard in their revision books as every piece of work is valuable in their learning.


‘Right to an education that helps develop their talents and abilities.’ Article 28

Spring Term 2018

This term our topic is ‘The Vikings’. We started our learning by having a Viking workshop in school delivered by Paddy from Durham University.


Our class novel is Beowulf. We are really enjoying this story and have created some excellent pieces of writing based on the main character, Beowulf.  We have made our learning fun and exciting by using drama activities to make the story and characters come alive.

Autumn Term 2017

In our last year of primary school our aim is to create as many happy memories as possible. This is a brilliant time to get involved in school life and really make a difference by taking on extra responsibility. We want to enjoy the journey and work hard so we can do our best in final exams.

SATs week starts Monday 14th May 2018.

‘Every child has the right to an education that develops talents and abilities.’ Article 29

This term our second topic is World War Two. Our wow moment to kick start our topic will be to visit the Heugh Battery at the Headland Hartlepool. We aim to perform a Play in day about WW2 to our parents and the rest of the school at the end of term.

Every child has the right to freedom and protection form war. Article 19

This term our first topic has been Medieval times. Our wow moment to kick start our topic was to visit Raby Castle. We really enjoyed the visit and found out so much information..

‘It was fun to be able to see what it was really like hundreds of years ago.’  Ragesh


We have also been reading ‘Arthur, High King of Britain’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have used this book as a stimulus for writing and drama activities.


Every child has the right to learn about their own culture and religion.’ Article  30

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Summer Term 2017

We are currently working on a comparative piece of work studying our locality of Wheatley Hill and comparing this area with Durham City. During our study of Durham, we are going to examine the River and how forms part of the water cycle. This will be the basis of Science. Following this comparative study, we are then moving onto our Summer Term topic - World War One. 

In English, we plan on writing letters from the front, diary entries from soldiers and newspaper reports about the key events and battles during the war. The children will get an opportunity to share these with their friends and we will display examples of these in the classroom and in the school corridors.

Within math, we will be learning about area and perimeter first where we will be using our knowledge of number and calculations to find areas. Following this learning, we will then be consolidating and applying all of our knowledge from Year 5. We will do this through work on problem solving and reasoning.

We are busy planning a very exciting WW1 visit for the Summer Term - watch this space!

Many of the class have also recently returned from our Ski School week in Chamonix, France. The children were fantastic and made outstanding progress, going from non-skiers to being competent across the mountain.   

Spring Term 2017

We are currently working on the topic of Space, during which we have been learning about planets, night & day and the orbits / rotation of planets. Pupils have took charge of their own learning and have produced space presentations, which they have shared with other classes in school. The pupils took part in a "Play in a Day", during which the children planned, wrote and performed a play based on the topic of Space.

In English, the pupils have written a great deal about Space, which has included space poetry, descriptive writing and now the pupils are writing their own Space Adventure Story. The children are very enthusiastic to write about their topic and share them with their peers.

Within math, we are focusing on decimals and calculations / problems that involved handling decimal numbers. The children have enjoyed these challenges. The children continue to work hard to develop, apply and utilise their basic math skills daily.

Autumn Term 2016

We are currently working on the topic of the Anglo Saxons. At the beginning of the term, we had a visit from Jenny, who knows a lot about the Anglo Saxons, to introduce our topic. Jenny brought lots of artifacts for us to handle. So far we have learned about where the Saxons came from and why they invaded Britain. We have also looked at what the Anglo Saxon houses were like, what Gods they believed in and religion. We have completed lots of work about the Northern Saints, which has been the focus of our writing to link in with our topic of the Anglo Saxons.


Within maths, we are focusing on number and place value. We have worked on rounding numbers and knowing the value of any digit in a 6 digit number. Also we are working on methods that we can use for the 4 operations such as column addition and subtraction, long multiplication and division.


In science, we have been looking at different life cycles of animals such as birds, insects and amphibians.  We are moving on to look at the life cycle of a flower and what the functions of the different parts of a flower are.

Our Adventures

At Wheatley Hill Primary, our pupils are given a wide range of learning opportunities both inside the classroom and outdoors. Below you will find links to some of Year 5's latest adventures.


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.

The Source

Year 5 - October 2016

To begin our study of rivers and the water cycle, we set off to discover the source of the River Tees.

Fishy Business

Year 5- September 2016

Our Year 5 children headed off to Crimdon Dene beach for a day of exploration and a fishy investigation.


Year 5 November 2016

Year 5 headed to Stockton and Middlesbrough to learn about how industry has used the River Tees. Then they went indoor climbing.

High Force

Year 5 - October 2016

The Year 5 class continued to follow the course of the River Tees. This week they explored waterfalls by visiting High Force

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