Year Six

Welcome to our Year Six class webpage. Here you can discover what exciting things we do in our class and how we learn creatively. 

'Right to an education that helps develop talents and abilities.' Article 29                                                                                 

Mrs L Devine
Mrs N Booth

Key Information & Reminders

Monday –   Outdoor Education

Tuesday –  PE or Football

Wednesday – Revision after school session

Friday  - Spelling test and new spellings given out

Everyday – Reading books

Reading books to be brought in daily, pupils MUST read at least 3 times a week!

Spellings are tested on a Monday and new ones are given out. Pupils MUST have their spellings books and complete writing the words in to them as practice. If this is not done, pupils will complete it in their playtime.
Pupils are expected to work on times tables as part of their homework.

In our last year of primary school our aim is to create as many happy memories as possible. This is a brilliant time to get involved in school life and really make a difference by taking on extra responsibility. We want to enjoy the journey and work hard so we can do our best in final exams.

SATS will soon be here. We will be taking our special trip down the gym in the week beginning Monday 13th May 2019. Please do not book any holidays in this time and try to avoid booking any holidays before SATs. Also it is very important that your child attends school every day so they do not miss out on any important work (or fun) on the lead up to SATs. We will be having a ‘Mock SATs’ week in March to help us feel prepared and confident for the real SATs.


Please also encourage your child to work hard in their revision books as every piece of work is valuable in their learning.


‘Right to an education that helps develop their talents and abilities.’ Article 28

Spring Term & Summer Term  2019

We started this term with a ‘Viking ‘topic. We started our learning by having a Viking workshop in school delivered by Paddy from Durham University.

Our class novel was Beowulf. We really enjoyed this story and have created some excellent pieces of writing based on the main character, Beowulf.  We have made our learning fun and exciting by using drama activities to make the story and characters come alive.


For the second half of this term, our topic is ‘Journeys’.  We started this topic by sequencing the story ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder. We will be using this book to develop our writing and debating skills. 

We Are Reading:

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Autumn Term 2018

This term our topic has been World War Two. Our wow moment to kick start our topic was a visit to the Heugh Battery at the Headland Hartlepool. We really enjoyed this visit and found out lots of facts about the second world war. At the end of the term we performed a Play in day about WW2 to our parents and the rest of the school.


‘We learned skills about performing and when we performed to an audience I was nervous but enjoyed it.’  Hollie and Millie



Every child has the right to freedom and protection form war. Article 19

Our Time in Year 5

Spring Term 2018

During the spring term, we began with the topic of Ancient Greece. To start our topic with a WOW, we had play in a day which helped to excite and engage us all with Ancient Greece. We looked at where exactly Greece was and what it was like there in comparison to England. This lead on to a discussion about what we would each like to find out about Ancient Greece- we decided on what life was like, gods and goddesses, house/ buildings, famous Greeks and warfare. Each week, we focused on one of these areas and presented our findings in a range of different ways. We completed a range of artwork such as creating our own labyrinths and using different materials to create pictures of buildings. In English, we used the myth of Theseus and the minator as the basis to write our own myth. We ended our topic with a Ancient Greek style toga party!

This half term we have began our ‘Space’ topic. We had a visit from Pete, an astronomer for Durham University. He shared lots of interesting facts with us and answered many of our questions. We have looked at a range of objects from our space talking tub and have discussed how they link to space. Over the next few weeks, we hope to see what link all the objects have. We are excited to develop our knowledge about space!

Autumn Term 2017

This second half-term our topic has been The Vikings. To start our topic, our “WOW” moment was looking at and figuring out some mysterious objects. We had a Viking shield and a message wrote in Viking Runes. We had to decipher the message to find out what our challenge was. We looked at and discuss the Vikings place in history and the links which they had with Anglo Saxons. From this, we developed our own paths of interest about them.  Pupils decided upon their areas of interest which became their focus for topic lessons. As part of our topic, pupils had the chance to make their own replica Viking Longboats and shields. Due to the links with the Anglo Saxons and Vikings, we continued reading Anglo Saxon Boy to support with some areas of our topic.

This first half - term our topic has been The Anglo Saxons. To start our topic, our “WOW” moment was a to visit Jarrow Hall. We really enjoyed the visit and it helped us to develop more of an awareness about our topic. From this, we developed our own paths of interest about the Anglo Saxons.  Pupils decided upon their areas of interest which became their focus for topic lessons. As part of our topic, pupils had the chance to follow Anglo Saxon recipes and bake some Anglo Saxon style biscuits. Pupils interests ranged from battles to farming and home life.  To correspond with our topic, our class novel was Anglo Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman.

Additional - Pupils have began taking part in Mini Police activities. For a number of weeks, we had Ronnie and Charlotte come in to discuss and explain the role of the mini police. We have also done some work with Groundworks to help improve parking in front of school. We designed and handed out leaflets to parents. We also design a large banner which will eventually be put up in front of school.

Our Time in Year 4

Summer Term 2017

Our current topic is the Industrial Revolution and during this topic we will be studying, researching and investigating the roles of children at this time. We will begin by consolidating our understanding of children working in the mines in Wheatley Hill. Children will look at what jobs children had in the mines and apply for mining jobs. Next, we will learn about the role of children in other work places such as in the mills, chimney sweeps and the workhouse.

In English we will be reading the book - "Street Child" and will be using this book as the basis for our written work. We will be writing a range of texts and developing our ability to write at length and incorporate complex language features within our writing.

In Maths, we will continue to work towards completing our curriculum objectives and we are beginning to look at problem solving and applying our mathematical ability in other situations.

Outdoor Education

Year 4 will be continuing our outdoor education lessons. These lessons allow us to take our learning outdoors and we have been focusing on developing our Science, History and Geography (Fieldwork) skills. We will be taking part in a number of water sports this term including kayaking, raft building or gorge walking - we hope the weather is nice.

Spring Term 2017

Our current topic is Rainforests. During this topic, we have been looking at a number of different aspects including animals, plants and landscape features. We have spent time looking at some of the issues facing the rainforest including deforestation and risks to wildlife. In order to do this, we have written persuasive letters, written play scripts about saving the rainforest and compared photographic evidence of the human impact upon the rainforest.

Our English lessons have also been centered around our topic. We are currently reading "Running Wild" by Micheal Morpurgo and "The Great Kapok Tree" by Lynne Cherry.

We are also developing our Scientific abilities by learning to classify rainforest animals effectively.

Outdoor Education

Year 4 has also recently began our outdoor education lessons. These lessons allow us to take our learning outdoors and we have been focusing on developing our Science, History and Geography (Fieldwork) skills. We have taken part in a number of adventures including visiting Causey Arch, Hamsterley Forest and Newcastle Keep. All of our outdoor activities have linked to our Year 4 curriculum.

Autumn Term 2016

Our current topic is the Romans.


We have learnt a lot of things already about the Romans- including Roman life, Roman timelines and Roman art. The next half term we will be looking in more detail at the Roman army.


Our English lessons have also been centered around our topic. We have read Roman myths and are currently reading "Romans on the Rampage" by Jeremy Strong.

 We are also getting really good at reading Roman numerals. We also went on a class visit to Hadrian's Wall, where we took our learning outdoors - it was freezing!

Our Adventures

Here at Wheatley Hill Primary, our pupils are given a wide range of opportunities to learn both inside the classroom and in the outdoor environment. Some of our latest adventures can be found below.


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.

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