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Year Six

Welcome to our Year Six class webpage. Here you can discover what exciting things we do in our class and how we learn creatively. 

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Mrs L Devine
Mrs N Booth

Key Information & Reminders

Monday – Outdoor Education

Tuesday – Spellings will be tested and new spellings will be given.

Thursday – PE in the afternoon.

Friday – Times tables will be tested

Reading records will be checked daily so please make sure they are in school and you are reading every night.

Autumn Term 2019

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Our Time in Year 5

Our Trip To Jarrow Hall


Spring Term 2019

Currently, Our class topic is the Anglo Saxons. We have began looking into who they were, where they have came from and why they settled in England. Over the next few weeks, we will look at village life, battles and Anglo Saxon Gods. Our English work will be linked to our topic. We will cover a range of writing genres based on the Anglo Saxons 

Autumn Term 2018

This term we have been learning all about WW1. We created our own 3D timelines and looked at different major events from the outbreak of the war in 1914 right through to the end of the war on 11th November 1918. In class, we investigated how the German u-boats stopped supplies. In English we read War Horse. Which everyone enjoyed (there may even have been some tears). As it got closer to remembrance day we held a class assembly to remember those who fought for our country, We made our own beautiful clay poppies and purple poppy wreaths to honor the animals. We have all enjoyed our topic this term and look forward to our next one in 2019.

Our Time in Year 3

In Year 3 our topic has been ‘Our Place in the World’ in which we have been learning about a range of European countries. As a class, we have chosen to focus on England, France, Spain and Poland and have been learning lots about these countries. As our WOW moment to start our topic, we had a great afternoon making pizza’s and tasting lots of foods from different European countries!

Focusing on England we first looked at our local environment of Wheatley Hill, collecting lots of information and creating some great observational drawings.

We decided we wanted to know more about our capital city of London and especially the Royal Family. We did lots of research and even learnt how to draw the Queen, Prince Harry and Princess Kate!

We used the book ‘Paris Up, Up and Away’ to begin our learning about France, helping us to create some great diaries and descriptions of the country in English. We have cooked Ratatouille in DT, as well as creating models of the Eiffel Tower out of art straws and even out of our own bodies in PE! We have tasted lots of really stinky French cheeses and in art week we studied the French artist Monet – recreating his pastel paintings and making our own lily pads out of clay.

For our second WOW moment of the term, we welcomed a visitor into our class, dance teacher Christine, who taught us how to dance in a Spanish style using moves from the Flamenco and the Pasadoble. We even got to dance with bright, sparkly scarves pretending to be matadors. Mrs Hutton thought our final performance was AMAZING! We wrote amazing recounts of our dance day in English, have budgeted for a holiday to Spain in maths and have even cooked Spanish Paella, which most of us thought was delicious!

Currently we are learning about Poland and have spent the afternoon being taught how to speak Polish by our class mate Szymon! It was lots of fun and we learnt lots of interesting words as well as the Polish alphabet.

Our Adventures

We take part in some wonderful adventures and go on amazing trips. Please use the link below to see picture from our school picture gallery of some of the different things that we have been getting up to.


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.

Our Paris Display

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