Year Five

Welcome to our Year Five class webpage. Here you can discover what exciting things we do in our class and how we learn creatively. 

'Right to an education that helps develop talents and abilities.' Article 29                                                                                 

Mr D Palmer
Mrs J Robinson

Key Information & Reminders

Outdoor Ed - Every other Monday

Spelling - Every Tuesday

PE - Thursday

Swimming - Every Thursday

Spelling test - Every Friday

Please ensure pupils read at least 3 times a week and return books daily. Pupils need to work on times tables and spelling at home. If you have access to the internet remember to go on My Maths!

Key Information & Reminders

INSERT AUTUMN TERM 2019 info here

Our Time In Year 4

Spring Term 2019

Our topic during spring Term was the Industrial Revolution. We started off our topic with a WOW moment in which we took part in ‘a play in a day’. Where we learnt facts about the Industrial Revolution and acted out a range of scenes including: a workhouse scene, a factory scene and a countryside scene. We looked at how these environments changed during the industrial revolution.

During this topic we completed a range of activities including: researching famous inventors, making our own inventions, creating Lowry style art work and baking a cake using rationed ingredients. To complete this topic, we learnt about the history of Wheatley Hill and how the Industrial Revolution impacted on the village. We learnt how Wheatley Hill used to be a coal mining village and visited the Heritage Centre to find out more information.


We also linked our English to the Industrial Revolution by reading the book ‘Street Child’. We wrote diary entries, instructions, poems, formal letters and had a debate regarding whether or not robots should do human jobs. We even used our drama skills which we learnt during ‘play in a day’ to support our debate.

Autumn Term 2018

Our topic during the Autumn was the Romans. To start our topic with a 'WOW' we visited Bunchester Fort. We were amazed by facts about Roman baths. During the term we have completed a range of activities which have included making power points, creating roman toys, drawing pictures, creating mosaics as well as learning lots of roman facts. In English we continued with our topic using the thieves of Ostia as our novel. We wrote character descriptions, newspaper articles, stories and creating dramas! In Science we learned all about 'sound' and how we hear. We completed experiments to help us understand how sound travels. 

Our Time in Year 3

Our Adventures

At Wheatley Hill Primary, we pride ourselves on the wonderful learning opportunities that we offer our pupils both inside and outside of the classroom.


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.

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