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Key Information & Reminders

Forest School    Bumble Bee’s – Monday PM 

Grasshoppers – Wednesday PM 

Spiders – Thursday PM 

Our classroom routines


Key Information & Reminders

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Our Time in Reception

Autumn Term 2018

This term we have loved welcoming all of our new children into reception and introducing them to school life.  The children and family group practitioners have been getting to know each other and learning all about each other.  The children have been playing and exploring in their new environment and learning how to use the continuous provision that fills our classroom.  It has been lovely to see how the children learn and watch their learning characteristics emerge.


After our initial settling in period we moved onto learning about the seasons and we have eagerly watched as the weather, environment and colours and have changed before our very eyes.  We began learning about autumn by investigating a wonderful talking tub full of beautiful autumnal objects.  We excitedly talked about what we could see and what we knew about them before helping, our family group leaders to plan our own learning.  The Bumble Bee group decided to investigate what Owl’s have to do with autumn and were very surprised to find out that baby owl’s leave home in the autumn time.   The Grasshopper group decided to learn all about Hedgehogs and hibernation.  They made models from mixed materials and even made their own hedgehog sanctuary.  Finally, the Spiders group chose to focus on autumn leaves.  They looked closely at the changes in colours and the veins on the leaves.  They all loved the story of, ‘The Leaf Man’ and created some beautiful versions of their own. 


As the season changed into winter we have moved onto looking at different festivals and celebrations.  We made diva lamps for Diwali, made medals as part of remembrance day and used junk modelling materials to make giant fireworks for bonfire night.  Once we reached December the children were keen to move onto celebrating the festival of Christmas and we have had some fantastic learning opportunities so far.  It all began with a visit from Jack frost who left us gifts of stories, snowflakes and frosted objects.  Leaving us a different gift each day, we were able to track his journey and spot all of the signs of winter along the way.  We all thought that was exciting until one day we came to school and had a magical journey on the ‘Polar Express’.  Collecting our golden tickets at the door we hurriedly boarded the train.  We set off on a mystical journey full of fun, creativity and most importantly hot chocolate!  We met the conductor, messaged Santa and soaked up the story as we headed towards the north pole.  Everyone suggested what the first gift of Christmas should be and sang along to our favourite festive tunes.  As we all disembarked the train we were delighted to receive our special Christmas bells.  We all definitely BELIEVE!

Autumn Term 2017

What a fabulous time the reception children have been having, exploring our current topic of Traditional Tales.  The children and staff been looking closely at different versions of the familiar stories and unpicking their meanings with the children.  Some of our highlights have been making our own Goldilocks porridge, following instructions and monitoring the temperature until it was just right!  The spider group had an awesome time following the breadcrumb trail to uncover the sweetie house in the Hansel and Gretel story.  They responded to what they heard by making two sweetie houses of their very own.  The first house was made from a range of junk materials and the children thoroughly enjoyed making their own sweets, lollipops and candy canes to attach in different ways to the outside of the house.  The second was a special residence made completely out of gingerbread.  It was challenging for the children to attach the pieces together and I am sure some of the delicious treats attached to the outside made their way into the children’s tummies.  

The Bumble Bee group had were captivated by the love story of Cinderella.  We all imagined having our very own Fairy Godmother and what we would wish for if we could have anything in the world.  The children came up with some very funny and fabulous ideas.  They then played a very special game of, ‘Through the Key Hole’.  They matched the princess’ to the types of castles they lived in and discussed the differences in shapes between them.  They didn’t stop there, going on to discuss, name and use 3D shapes to make a large scale castle of their very own from junk modelling materials.  It was a pleasure to hear them discussing the properties of the shapes and the best use for them.   

The stand out moment of the term has to be the arrival and then capture of the Big Bad wolf in our classroom.  The children were captivated by the mischievous adventures of the wolf and led to lots of discussions, questions and problem solving, independent writing opportunities and amazing artwork.  The excitement in the classroom when the wolf was captured was amazing, the children were so grateful to Squasher Scarr and Basher Bingham for capturing him. 

Also this term we have been learning about some traditional events in their own culture and from around the world.  So far we have looked at, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year which has been a particular success.  The Grasshoppers led the way by making a traditional Chinese meal for all of us to share.  They used traditional ingredients and equipment to get a very authentic look and taste.  They had such fun using the wok and then trying to eat the food with their chop sticks. 

We have so much more to look forward to over the rest of the term including  special occasions such as World Book Day, Mother’s Day and of course all of the exciting Easter events that will be going on in school.  Keep an eye out for further information on STAY and PLAY Sessions, PARENT and CHILD egg decorating, as well as a whole school Easter performance. 

Our Time in Nursery
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Some of Our Observations
Captured Learning
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Our Adventures

In school we take part in some wonderful adventures and go on amazing trips. Please use the link below to see pictures from our school picture gallery of some of the different things that we have been getting up to.


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.

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