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Early Years - Reception

Welcome to our Early Years and Foundation Stage - Reception Webpage. Here you can discover what exciting things we do in our class and how we learn creatively. 

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Key Information & Reminders

Thank you to all parents that attended our Christmas Stay + Play sessions and for all off the amazing nativity costumes you provided.

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Autumn Term 2019

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Spring Term 2019

What a surprise!!  Today we found a huge space ship in the middle of nursery and a hole in the ceiling. When we looked up we could see all the way to space. the children couldn't believe their eyes. When we explored further we found some rocks on the floor. The children couldn't wait to touch them, and wanted to discuss what had happened. We started to chat about their ideas..

The Butterfly group thought they were fallen stars to we went on to learn about stars and read the story 'How to catch a star'. They hunted for stars at forest school and created their own. The Wiggly Worms thought the rocks were from the moon and went on to create their own moon art, they learnt all about the craters on the moon and talked about the shapes. The ladybirds wanted to return the moon rocks back to the moon and had lots of ideas about what they needed to wear and what they needed to do next. They wanted to build a rocket so we set to work using large boxes to help us. it was great to see them working together as a team.

The children decided that they needed to build their own rocket to take the moon rocks back to space. We spoke about the different materials we could use but they all agreed it needed to be big boxes so we could fit inside. After a quick hunt around school we came back to nursery with lots of boxes and began arranging them on the carpet we used lots of problem solving skills as we measured up the different sized boxes to make sure we would fit it. It was lovely to see the children work so well together ,they even chanted 'team work team work' as they played They used all of their own ideas throughout and told me where they wanted the Windows. They needed support when using the knife to cut the cardboard and we discussed how to safely use tools. The children were then ready to paint their rocket but soon discovered that the paint wouldn't stick to the sellotape, after some more problem solving they decided they would cover it in paper first. This was an excellent opportunity to develop those fine motor skills as they needed to rip the paper up into small pieces before gluing them. Covering the rocks was a huge task which needed hard work, patience and determination which they all showed. We left it to dry before coming back to it a few days later. it was now time to paint and time to learn a new skill of mixing paint. They decided as a group they wanted to paint so we worked together to mix the powder and water. The children were all hands on and wanted to have a go at getting it right. We were then ready to paint the rocket, we used some new painting tools today in the form of rollers. The children had never used them before and it encourages them to use big hand and arm movements to develop their fine and gross motor skills. They all Linked this experience to seeing their families paint at home, saying "I'm a painter like my mam". Later that day it was now time for them to all to take their turn going inside the rocket, they used their imaginations as they went inside and blasted off to space. we used our math skills when counting backwards for each rocket launch. the children had so much fun using the rocket in their play for the rest of the day. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF!!

Our Time In Nursery

Autumn Term 2018

We started the term learning all about autumn. Each group used a talking tub filled with lots of different objectives. We then went on autumn hunts, we crafted owls, made habitats for our autumn animals and baked autumn themed treats. you may have seen our Autumn Baby Shark Song on Facebook - It even made the BBC!

When we returned after half term we have learnt about lots of different celebrations. We had an amazing Halloween party, used our ICT skills when making firework iPad creations. we expressed our creative side by making up our own Poppy Day Song, we went all spotty for Pudsey on Children in Need and learnt all about the importance of charity. we finished off our celebrations with Diwali, where we looked at another culture and designed our own lights to use during the festival of light. 

After celebrations we then moved to learning all about winter. the children showed interest in the snow in particular so we had lots of snowy experiences for them to enjoy. As December approaches we had a special visitor arrive in nursery. Buddy the elf from The North Pole. He left us treats and sometimes tricks each day for us to enjoy. We particularly enjoyed the gingerbread house making and our trip to the farm. Its been a fantastic term here in nursery and we cant wait to welcome new children in 2019. Merry Christmas!

Autumn Term 2017

We decided to make a piece of art work based on Spartapuss using the moasic tiles method. Spartapuss is the main character from 'I Am Sparatapuss'. We took a photograph of  each moasic tile that was added to the picture, creating a short animation. We took a amazing 3,500 photographs to create the animation. 

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Some Of Our Time in Nursery Last Year
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Some of Our Observations
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Our Adventures

In EYFS we take part in some wonderful adventures and go on amazing trips. Please use the link below to see pictures from our school picture gallery of some of the different things that we have been getting up to.


School Picture Gallery

Use this link to visit the school picture gallery where you will discover all of the amazing adventures the children have had.


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